After finishing this course you'll know how to:

  • Use Google Trends and Facebook Audience Insights to collect data for selling your product

  • Easily Create Ads with Facebook for your product, because it's more detailed than Instagram Ads

  • Target audience interested in your product using Facebook Ads Manager and finding the best Ads for you

  • Make sales within 30 days by offering it to the right customers

Who is this course for?

  • Small business owners

    If you're in need of more sales, whether you're selling a physical product or a course.

  • People just starting out

    Turn your hobby into business, by reaching out to right customers while starting from scratch.

  • Coaches

    Reach out to even more people and help them heal. You are here to spread the knowledge.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Overview

    • Intro

  • 2

    Instagram & Facebook Ads Manager

    • Using Instagram & Facebook Ads Manager to Target the Right Audience

    • Making Your Facebook Page

  • 3

    Targeted Audience

    • Targeted Audience walk through


  • 4

    Using Facebook Audience Insights & Google Trends To Collect Data for Your Audience

    • Why are we using Facebook Audience and Google Trends?

    • How to use Facebook Audience Insights

    • How to use Google Trends?

  • 5

    Facebook Ads Manager & Ad Testing In Order to Make Sales Within 30 Days

    • Making Ads in Facebook Ads Manager and testing them

    • Basics of Facebook Ads Manager and Making Regular Ads

    • Making Copies of an Existing Ad

    • Making A/B Split Ads

    • Testing Ads Data

What do students say


I love this Course! It was a really great understanding that I received through following this Course, I got very clear of how should I map my pitch when it comes to Closing a Sale!Really excited about it and I can wait to put it to action with my upcoming prospects in my sales career.Thank you Željka for this very valuable Course.


I got this course for my birthday and it was the absolutely best present! It gave me tools and methods how to search for my customers, for selling my paintings. All the info I needed on one place, which I wasn't able to get before.


Željka helped me create an avatar for my ideal customer, which I had no idea even existed before. I always thought people wanted to be see or read about what I wanted to see or read about, but it with this course and creating an ideal customer avatar I realized it was all about what my audience wanted, not what I thought they wanted.

I'm Željka, M.S. of Electrical Engineering by occupation,but a traveler by vocation.

I'm an Economics University postgraduate and have been trained in marketing and online business by Shaa Wasmund, Brian Walsh and Paul O'Mahony.

What I've encountered when starting out from scratch by promoting my travelling publications and hard copies was it's so much more difficult to reach people when they've never heard of you.

They're more likely to purchase from someone that's already „a name“.

I know exactly how you feel. Investing your heart and energy in your products and not getting the results.

Why would you want to make the mistakes I did, thinking I had it all figured out?

Wouldn't it just be easier to have someone to guide you by the hand and teach you how to do it?

I've spent a lot of time brainstorming, it took me all of these courses and teachers to gather all of the information that was just unavailable (or I just hadn't known how to find it?).

My goal was to put all of the information in one course and explain marketing psychology and usage of available marketing tools in the simplest way, so it would be easily understood by everyone that is at the same position I was.